About Me

I was the guy growing up that played a lot of sports, weighed 130 lbs. soaking wet and ate whatever. I was super competitive and played baseball from age 4 until 20.  I stopped after playing my freshman year at Division 2, East Stroudsburg University.  I then transferred to Cortland State and dropped baseball.  Then, I was the guy that drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of bad food and left college around 170 lbs!  After a few years of teaching PE and not really doing anything exceptional for my body, I decided it was time to get in shape.  

Over the course of a few years, from around 2000-2005, I went back and forth on working out, jogging, eating a little better, then not, etc. rinse, repeat.  Then, in the later 2000's, I started running more seriously.  It was free and I started to get better and realized I could use this as a way to be competitive again.  I started to run more, learn more, and race a little.

I finally hit my stride around 2010 and began to have a plan for my running and training.  I began to see some better results and in 2014, I set a 5K PR of 18:55.  Since then, I have tried additional distances including 2 marathons and continue to enjoy myself.  However, that 5K PR needs lowering!

To backtrack a little, in October 2000, I married Maura and we started our life together.  Simply put, she is the best.  Along the way, we have added kids, Emma, Megan, Connor, and now Tanner.  We had our first little boy, Merlin the lab/beagle, from July 2001-February 2016.  Yep, that was sad, but we have now adopted Biscuit, a 2 year old Beagle with lots of love to give and some pep in his step.

I started The Daily Fitness Journal back in January 2013 as a way to use the online format as a training log.  It has slowly grown and I love using it for me and sharing information, tips, advice, race info, and lots more with you, the reader.  I am on a continued quest to make it better, not for me, but for you to enjoy.

I have lots of goals for my life, my family, my blog, and my running.  I hope to share a lot of them with you.  Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think!

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