Friday, January 19, 2018

01.19.2018 6 miles today, 23 miles for the week, but the foot feels better

I took yesterday off as I wanted to be smart about the foot pain.  I decided I wouldn't lose anything in a day.  Even with yesterday off, I still got in 23 miles for the week.  I consider anything over 20 for the week to be productive.

My 6 miler today was inside and I kept the pace slow and comfortable so I wouldn't overdo the foot.  I am happy to report that the foot was a non issue.  I didn't feel a thing.  That being said, I am going to move from my older Asics that I have been training  with, to my new, Hupanas from Hoka One One.  I ran only once in them so far, but it was nice, soft, and comfy.  You can read my write up on the Hupana here, from a couple weeks ago.

I am at 86 miles total for the month of January and I have at least 8 days left.  This should end up being one of my strongest months ever, as a whole.  I have just under 2 months before the half marathon.  I am going to stretch out the long run several times and hit some painful speed work sessions.  

Tomorrow, or Sunday, I am going to release my goals for the year.  They are a bit lofty, and I am happy about it.  I want to forget about the lackluster 2017.  I need to get some stuff done.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

01.17.2018 A little foot pain, Plantar? Staying with a 6 miler today

Twice over the last couple days, I have had a shooting pain in the bottom of my foot.  It wasn't when I was running, but I immediately thought of Plantar Fasciitis popping up.  I rolled my feet yesterday after my run and today before my run, noticing some foot pain today.  It may just be because I rolled them with a lax ball pretty deeply yesterday.

As I write here, I am rolling my feet again, focusing on my right one.  I cut short today's run from10-15, down to a solid 6 miles at 7:57/mile pace.  I was running in the snow and slush after this morning's storm, enjoying the warmer temps up at around 30 degrees.  My training is going well, therefore I don't want to overdo it when a little caution could help me in the long run.  

I have kicked up the weekly mileage higher than I have ever consistently, so a little added soreness here and there is to be expected.  However, I don't want to ignore early signs of real problems.  We will see how I feel tomorrow and I plan on keeping to some slower miles over the next two days, followed by Saturday and Sunday off.

Here is a good article about Plantar Fasciitis and everything that goes along with it, from a non running perspective.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

01.16.2018 Mile repeats on the road or the track?

I ran mile repeats this morning as planned.  However, I only ran 3 of them, instead of the 4 or 5 I had planned on.  I kind of forgot how difficult they are, especially on the route I typically run.

Repeats of distances from 400 meters up to 1 mile are generally thought of as a track workout by most.  In fact, that's what most people do, head to the local track, maybe with a club, and warm up and run repeats.  It's a good way to get in a workout.  The distance is set, surface is safe, and for the most part, times are fast.

However, I am a road repeat kind of guy.  I race on the roads, so I train on the roads.  My mile repeats of 6:30ish, with a significant hill up and down, do a lot for my fitness as well as my mental state.  I like the mental toughness I feel from racing up a hill on a repeat and trying to shave a few seconds off when I speed down a hill as well.  Mile repeats hurt no matter where you do them, but on the road with hills, true pain.  Perhaps if I was a track runner, it would make more sense to me to go on the track.

Warmup- .5 mile jog
Mile #1- 6:37
1:30-2 min. jog
Mile #2- 6:32
1:30-2 min jog
Mile #3- 6:31
Cool down- .5 mile jog

I ran a total workout of around 4.5 miles today, including the repeats.  For such a short workout, I am tired.  

With the impending weather, I am hoping it kind of misses us so I can get in a strong run tomorrow of 10-15 miles.  That would keep me on pace for another big week of miles, around 32-34 total again.  I only have 2 months to train before the NYC half marathon.  I need to get in as many runs as possible.

Monday, January 15, 2018

It's lottery time, pick me, pick me! @nycmarathon @tcsnycmarathon

Today, at noon, the lottery opened up for the TCS NYC Marathon taking place on November 4th, 2018.  In 292 days, I hope to toe the line again for my third trip around NYC.  The first two times were much anticipated and did not disappoint me for one second.  

I look forward to hopefully getting to run again and to share my story on here, as well as through the NYC marathon program of sharing your journey.

I included the snapshot of the countdown on the website.  It seems so long from now, but both times I did it, 2015 & 2016, the year flew and I found myself on the starting line almost instantly.
Good luck to all those that apply.  The lottery window is open until February 15th.  You can find it here.

01/15/2018 7 miles on cruise and speedwork to get faster

Today's 7 mile run was at about 7:45/mile pace and that seems to be my cruising speed right now.  I am comfortable there up to probably 12-14 miles, depending on when during the week I am running it.  The weather today is back in the 20's and with a low, "feels like" temp.  However, I was dressed right so no big deal.

Tomorrow's speedwork will be a workout designed to lower my cruising speed and to specifically get faster over the course of a race.  I plan to warm up with a half mile run and then head into a 4-5 X 1mile repeat session with rest periods between each interval of around 2 minutes.  I want to run the intervals between 6:15/mile and 6:30/mile.  Then, finishing up, I will cool down with half a mile cool down.

Here is a good article about the benefits of mile repeats and an easy guide to the reasoning behind them: