Monday, April 16, 2018

04/16/2018 Strong 5 miler, fast finish and some NYC marathon notes

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I ran a strong 5 miles today.  I'm hoping to sneak in another run this evening as well.  On the day of the Boston Marathon, with such horrible weather taking place, I felt the need to hurt a little.  I ran a strong start to my 5 miler this afternoon, hitting about a 7:30ish pace through the first 4 miles.  I decided to run hard for the final mile and my split for mile 5 was 6:30.  I ran the full five miles in 36 and change.  I plan on this and next week being big mileage weeks.  I want to hit between 35-40 miles each week, finishing April as a strong 100 mile month.  I have 61 days until my relay, I need it to hurt a lot before then.

On the plus side, I have had a decent start to my fundraising for the NYC Marathon.  At least I think it's going ok.  Feel free to help out a little :)  The link to my charity page on Crowdrise is here.

I have a few months before any fundraising milestones hit with the charity so I am cautiously optimistic I will reach my goal.  Any little bit helps.  The Charity is called The Armory Foundation.  Click here for more information about it.

As I am offering all my donors, I am very willing to promote pages, or businesses that support my fundraising efforts.  Please reach out to me and I will support you will all I can give back.  

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