Friday, February 9, 2018

02.09.2018 4 miler, easy jog, easy week

With the snow and ice on Wednesday and remnants Thursday, I took it easy and ran less to avoid ice issues.  The last thing I need is a fall and injury when training is going so well.  I ran a 4 miler inside yesterday and changed pace dramatically on each mile.  First, to make it harder and second to break up 4 boring miles inside.

Today, I ran an easy 4 miler in like 35 minutes, just to get some miles and stay loose.  I have a race tomorrow morning, Cupid's Chase 5K in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  

I have done the race a couple times and it's close to me, a decent course, and any time I can get a race in, I try to.  Maura is humoring me even more than she already does this year as she knows I want 2018 to be a great year and I am really committed :)

I will do a race report tomorrow or Sunday and let you know how it goes.  I am nervous, but excited to see if I can already see some results of the big training I have been putting in.

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