Friday, February 2, 2018

02.02.2018 Fartlek 6 miler with 200 meter pickups, Feels like....

I ran a strong 6 mile Fartlek today.  A Fartlek is a run that has some speed burst built in.  It can be anything, sprint to a lamp post down the block, fast for a minute, or a specified distance.  The principle is basic, sprint a few times inside of a normal run.  This is meant to give you some speed work during a run and build up your overall speed.  Also, it's good for practicing pace adjustment during races, and running fast on tired legs.

I, as mentioned above, went for the distance specific bursts.  I finished each mile of a 6 miler with a 200 meter sprint.  I liked knowing that when my watch went off for my mile split, that my burst was over.

Overall, my 6 miler took 43:15, which means my overall pace was about 7:12/mile.  I'm super happy about that and my mile 5 was about 6:19.  Running fast is coming back!

I know what sucked today on my run.  The F-ing temps!!  It was 25 degrees out when I looked just before I left.  However, the "feels like," temp was friggin' 11 degrees!  Guess what?  It felt like 11 degrees too.  I am not happy about running in the cold, but I am dealing with it.  I need some shorts weather.

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