Wednesday, January 31, 2018

01.31.2018 5 mile tempo, 8 total today, 141 miles for January

F, it's cold outside.  I want above 50 temps, now.  I finished the month with a decent 5 mile tempo run today.  It took me 33:58, which is a pace of about 6:47 mile.  It was just ok.  I was cold, it's the final day of my biggest month ever, and frankly, I wasn't into it.  I was into the run, not running a tempo in the windy cold today.  

I need some balmy weather.  I need to sweat in a Tee and shorts, not tights, shorts, base top, mid top, fleece jacket, gloves, and hat.  Jesus, getting dressed to run is an F-ing process.

February, I will get above 120 miles for the month as well.  It's a short month, and I have a week vacation, so I need to commit my miles when I can.  Also, February is losing weight month.  I want to drop between 10-20 lbs, and get lighter and faster.  Bye Bye sugar!

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