Monday, January 29, 2018

01/29/2018 Starting the final days of January, slow 6 miles and @AthleteonFire

I am at 127 miles for the month and I am a little tired.  Today, after 3 days off from running, I just didn't feel up to running far or fast.  Since it has been a long month and a long couple days with a sick 2 year old at home, I decided a slow 6 miler would do.  I can make up for it with the speed work I am going to do tomorrow.  I am thinking a work out of alternating 200 and 400 meter repeats with only 60 second rests in between.  

Tomorrow should be quite painful.  I cannot wait.  I am getting a solid base of miles right now and the new piece I need to consistently add, is the speed stuff.

I was listening to a good podcast on Athlete on Fire today.  It was with the founder of the website Run Repeat.  Run Repeat is a website with thousands of shoe reviews by the people that matter, runners.  It isn't brand specific and the site doesn't sell out to a specific brand or marketing campaign.

The founder, Jens, talked a lot about quality training and intervals, hard workouts, etc.  I was happily surprised that the website, Run Repeat, barely came up.  I do think it is a cool site and I may test it out next time I need some sneakers.

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