Thursday, January 25, 2018

01.25.2018 double run day, 8 miles total

I was a little wimpy today regarding the weather.  It was only in the mid 20's and it was windy.  Feels like teens didn't sound appealing to me so I stayed in for a set of 4 milers, with about an hour or so in between.  The first 4 miler I ran slow in the first two miles and then stepped it up for the second two.  A negative split and overall total of 34:28 for the run.  

The second run, I simply ran a casual jog of another 4 miles with no regard to running quickly at all.  A second run of the day is best kept to a slow jog, recovery style.  I ran this run in about 39:39 overall.

Tomorrow, I plan on running a strong 6 miler and keeping it more of a faster tempo run.  I am looking to run the 6 miles at a pace below 7:30.  That will end my week at just over 40 miles total, my best individual week in a long time.  I have about 6 weeks until the half marathon.  I have more work to do.  February is going to be busy.

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