Tuesday, January 23, 2018

01.23.2018 A much needed recovery run

Yesterday's long run left me feeling a little rickety this morning.  My ankles and feet were really sore getting out of bed.  It's time, now that I am logging some serious miles, to start rolling my feet and joints around before getting out of the bed in the am.  It does a world of good for those first few steps.

As I headed out for my recovery run this morning, I felt a little tight and rusty, but found some smooth sailing once I passed the mile mark.  I ran about 6.5ish and focused on staying at a slower pace.  I think I finished up averaging almost 8:40/mile.  I'm very happy to run that speed today, no faster.  I am going to push 140 miles for the month and I want it to be done the right way.  Slow runs, fast running, long run pacing, etc.

Tomorrow, the fun will be 800 meter repeats. :)  I can't wait to get after it.  

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