Wednesday, January 17, 2018

01.17.2018 A little foot pain, Plantar? Staying with a 6 miler today

Twice over the last couple days, I have had a shooting pain in the bottom of my foot.  It wasn't when I was running, but I immediately thought of Plantar Fasciitis popping up.  I rolled my feet yesterday after my run and today before my run, noticing some foot pain today.  It may just be because I rolled them with a lax ball pretty deeply yesterday.

As I write here, I am rolling my feet again, focusing on my right one.  I cut short today's run from10-15, down to a solid 6 miles at 7:57/mile pace.  I was running in the snow and slush after this morning's storm, enjoying the warmer temps up at around 30 degrees.  My training is going well, therefore I don't want to overdo it when a little caution could help me in the long run.  

I have kicked up the weekly mileage higher than I have ever consistently, so a little added soreness here and there is to be expected.  However, I don't want to ignore early signs of real problems.  We will see how I feel tomorrow and I plan on keeping to some slower miles over the next two days, followed by Saturday and Sunday off.

Here is a good article about Plantar Fasciitis and everything that goes along with it, from a non running perspective.

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