Tuesday, January 16, 2018

01.16.2018 Mile repeats on the road or the track?

I ran mile repeats this morning as planned.  However, I only ran 3 of them, instead of the 4 or 5 I had planned on.  I kind of forgot how difficult they are, especially on the route I typically run.

Repeats of distances from 400 meters up to 1 mile are generally thought of as a track workout by most.  In fact, that's what most people do, head to the local track, maybe with a club, and warm up and run repeats.  It's a good way to get in a workout.  The distance is set, surface is safe, and for the most part, times are fast.

However, I am a road repeat kind of guy.  I race on the roads, so I train on the roads.  My mile repeats of 6:30ish, with a significant hill up and down, do a lot for my fitness as well as my mental state.  I like the mental toughness I feel from racing up a hill on a repeat and trying to shave a few seconds off when I speed down a hill as well.  Mile repeats hurt no matter where you do them, but on the road with hills, true pain.  Perhaps if I was a track runner, it would make more sense to me to go on the track.

Warmup- .5 mile jog
Mile #1- 6:37
1:30-2 min. jog
Mile #2- 6:32
1:30-2 min jog
Mile #3- 6:31
Cool down- .5 mile jog

I ran a total workout of around 4.5 miles today, including the repeats.  For such a short workout, I am tired.  

With the impending weather, I am hoping it kind of misses us so I can get in a strong run tomorrow of 10-15 miles.  That would keep me on pace for another big week of miles, around 32-34 total again.  I only have 2 months to train before the NYC half marathon.  I need to get in as many runs as possible.

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