Monday, January 15, 2018

01/15/2018 7 miles on cruise and speedwork to get faster

Today's 7 mile run was at about 7:45/mile pace and that seems to be my cruising speed right now.  I am comfortable there up to probably 12-14 miles, depending on when during the week I am running it.  The weather today is back in the 20's and with a low, "feels like" temp.  However, I was dressed right so no big deal.

Tomorrow's speedwork will be a workout designed to lower my cruising speed and to specifically get faster over the course of a race.  I plan to warm up with a half mile run and then head into a 4-5 X 1mile repeat session with rest periods between each interval of around 2 minutes.  I want to run the intervals between 6:15/mile and 6:30/mile.  Then, finishing up, I will cool down with half a mile cool down.

Here is a good article about the benefits of mile repeats and an easy guide to the reasoning behind them:

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