Friday, January 12, 2018

01/12/2018 Fast 5 miler to finish the week, 37 miles total #MarchtothePodium

In the pouring rain today, I ran a final 5 miler for the week.  I decided that coming off the recovery run yesterday, I wanted to run it at a good effort.  I finished up in 36:15 for the 5 miles.  A pace of 7:714/mile.

It was about 60 degrees out when I ran so the pouring rain wasn't a big deal.  A 7:14/mile pace was a good way to end the week in my 33-37th miles.  

My #MarchtothePodium is a reference to my race in March, the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon and my training towards another podium finish (hopefully) at the Franklin Lakes Triathlon Relay.  I have 65 days until the half marathon and 154 days until the Triathlon.

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