Wednesday, January 10, 2018

01.10.2018 Long run on the schedule, done.

I have been itching to get in my long run since I had to abort it last week due to the stomach issues I was having mid run.  I planned for, and thankfully, completed my 12 miler with no issues today.  I purposely ran without taking note of time or mile splits during the run.  I wanted to see what a comfortable, strong pace would leave me at, at the end of 12 miles.

I was pleasantly surprised to look down at the end and see a pace of 7:45/mile for the duration and a completed time of 1:33.  I had an average cadence of 184, with a high of 193.  I want to keep upping the long run obviously, and keep the pace at roughly that same 7:45/mile.  If I can do this, then a 3:20 marathon should be plausible.

With a 27 mile total in the first 3 days of this week, I am looking forward to an easy 5-6 mile jog tomorrow to rest a little bit.

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