Monday, January 8, 2018

01.08.2018 Strong 8 mile run, on cruise

Sometimes, after a couple days off, everything just feels right on a run.  Usually, when I get out, Monday runs are my best.  Today was no exception.  I ran with a plan for 8 miles, without worrying about my watch.  The plan was to simply run strong, but not too fast.  I wanted it to feel like a solid effort, but not especially taxing.  At the end, I wanted to feel like I could have gone a couple more miles maybe, but that's it.

When I finished my 8 miles today, the watch said 1:00:43.  That was a great sight.  I ran 7:35 pace overall and hit 7:19 as my fastest mile twice, in mile 5 and mile 8.  The slowest mile was 8:26, which was almost all uphill.  

Tomorrow, I will back it down to 6 miles and then on Wednesday, I will run 12 miles.  I have decided that unless time is a constraint, I won't be running anymore 4-5 milers.  I want all my runs to be 6 miles of more, even recovery runs.  Now, I'm not talking about when I do double workouts in a day, just when I do single runs.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to run some significant miles.  I have 69 days until the half marathon.

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