Friday, January 5, 2018

01/05/2018 Double up complete, 10 miles for the day and 26 for the week

I finished up the afternoon with another 5 mile run.  This one I did inside my gym, on a small loop.  It kind of sucks, but not as much as the weather.  As a frame of reference, 30 laps around equals one mile.  Yes, it is that small.  I finished in exactly 40 minutes.  

I started slow during the second run, but decided to kick it up so I would finish sooner.  Each mile was faster, and the last mile was around 7:40ish I think.  On a small loop like I was running, that pace feels like an all out sprint with lots of turns.  By the end, I was tired, sweating a lot, and happy to be done.  

Even with a low total on Monday because of the race and a zero due to the weather on Thursday, I am satisfied with the week.  Next week is key to getting back to bigger miles.  It is supposed to warm up to normal temps and I need to stretch out the long run and the total miles again.

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