Thursday, January 4, 2018

01.03.2018 Simple math problem and run derailment, help me #nuunlife

Here you go, yesterday's long run is depicted in the following math problem:

Long Run Planned + (pre-run coffee>pre run hydration) = An Aborted Long Run

If you suck at math or my math problem isn't obvious enough, I will explain.  I had intended for a long run of 12 miles to happen yesterday.  I am coming off a low week, rested, and ready for the distance.  However, I had 3-4 cups of joe in the couple hours before my run and not really any water, Nuun, or any hydrating fluids.  

I was rolling along at a solid pace for the first 5.5-5.75 miles.  During mile 6 at some point, my stomach started to hurt, pain-hurt.  I wasn't sure what it came from as I never have stomach issues during my running.  My best guess is that the over coffee'd state I was in, hurt me.  I suffered up through 8 miles and I was done. 

Garmin Data
As I looked at my running data from my Garmin Forerunner 230, my first 5 miles were in 38:27, a pace of 7:41/mile.  Mile 6, I slowed down to about a 7:55/mile pace and then mile 7 was 8:05 and mile 8 was 8:46.  Mile 8, my guts really hurt.  I was trying to stick it out, but to no avail.

Oh coffee, I adore you and speak well of you, why F me over and steal 25% of my long run?  From now on, I will adjust the coffee intake for a more balanced approach and up the Nuun products pre run/race.  With today off because of the blizzard, tomorrow I will look to squeeze in 2 runs of 4-5 miles each to get in 24-25 miles for the week.

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