Tuesday, January 2, 2018

01.01.2018 Stair Climber and Curb

I decided to hit the stair climber at lunch today for 20 minutes.  I plan to run a simple 5 miles in the bitter cold in a couple hours, but thought I could get in 20 minutes of torture beforehand.  I put on the first episode of Curb your Enthusiasm to keep me sane as well.  I have never watched it, but recently have begun to enjoy some of Larry David's humor.  His movie, Clear History, is a funny one.  Check it out.

The stair machine needs a little outside help so the rider doesn't kill themselves. I think I need something a little different genre wise though, Curb is not what I was looking for.  Anyone have any suggestions?!

On a more specific note, my 20 minutes on the climber hurt and I'm sweating, so goal achieved.  Time for some Nuun tea to recover before my frigid run.  I am down to 3 tubes of Wild Berry hydration so I think I need to restock soon!

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