Friday, December 15, 2017

12/15/2017 Trying to make up for horrible nutrition

I am officially declaring December to be crappy food eating month! #crappyfoodmonth

Last night, at CVS, I discovered the little item in the picture.  F.  Were they made for me?  I am having a little difficulty with self control lately.  During the day, I eat well.  Veggies, good carbs, proteins, etc.  At night, not so much.  My goal is to survive December without becoming a diabetic.  January will be the month I get it together.  No, no, no, not a resolution thing.  My wife and I like to use January as a clean month and the start of eating healthy.  This is simply because it's such a miserable month of post holiday blues, bad weather, and early darkness, why not add eating healthy to it too!

In order to combat last night's caloric explosion, I decided to do two workouts today.  Earlier, I banged out 20 minute on the painmaker, the step machine.  It hurts after a minute, so why not do 20?  Then, after an hour or so, I did an indoor run of 5 miles in just under 40 minutes.  I couldn't go out today.  I ran outside 4 times this week, and it's 21 degrees out again.  I needed to be warm, sweat, and relax. 

I look forward to a weekend of resting the body for the most part.  I am trying to put together next weeks plan.  It is going to be something like this:

Monday 10 mile long run
Tuesday 5-6 mile recovery
Wednesday 6 mile tempo run
Thursday 5-6 mile recovery
Friday 5 miler w/strides

Thursday, December 14, 2017

12.14.2017 A painful recovery run, and too fast

Today, a recovery run of 5 miles went well.  I really didn't feel tired and I just chugged along at just a little under 8:00/mile pace.  I would have liked to gone a little slower, I feel like my recovery run, in order to be an actual recovery, should be more in the 8:30/mile range.  I'm going to work on that, as I want to stay healthy.

All through the second half of my run, my left was sore on the left outside thigh.  I couldn't understand why because all I had was my phone with me.  I didn't have keys or anything sharp.  Whatever, I shrugged it off until I got back from the run and checked out my leg.  It seems that my big Galaxy Note 8 was bouncing in the same spot and actually bruised/chafed my leg.  I don't know whether that makes me a wuss for feeling it or a tough guy for powering through it :)

Who get's hurt on a recovery jog?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12.13.2017 It's so cold out, 8 miles of frozen chin-itis

Jesus, it's cold out. says it's 21 degrees out, but feels like 7.  I would say that is spot on.  I was dressed correctly this morning, but the wind gets you no matter what.  I ran 8 miles and had to use Strava on my phone because I left my watch (hopefully) in Connor's wrestling bag last night.  I didn't look at the app until I got back from the run because looking at the phone during the run is annoying.  I ran an extended version of the run I did yesterday.  I didn't worry about pace at all today though, not even on my big climb.  I just wanted to feel good about the run.
How I felt running today.

It turns out that the run went really well.  I ran 8 miles in 1:01:47.  My splits for my miles were the following:


Can you guess which one I ran on the uphill for .75 mile?  Other than that mile, my splits are solid.  I like seeing them get lower and lower, now down to the lower 7:00's.  

I have 21 miles in for the week in the first 3 days.  Tomorrow, I run 4-5 as a recovery run.  Friday I will finish with 5-6 depending on how I feel.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

12.12.2017 Chilly 7 miler, keeping a pace on long runs, #nuunlife Mango Orange recovery

I am in the process of ramping up my runs to make them longer and stretching out the miles.  With 3 months until the 13.1, I want to start building significant time on runs from 7-12 miles.  My initial pace goal for long runs is 7:45-8:00/mile.  I want to hit those numbers for the next month.  After I have built up some base, I will drop the long run pace accordingly.  I want to get my long run pace down as low as I can obviously, with the idea that I will race my 13.1 under 7:00/mile and hit my marathon pace of 7:30/mile.  

Today, I ran 7 miles at a comfortable clip of 7:46/mile.  I really ran at a smooth effort except for mile 6.  There is a significant climb of about 3/4 of a mile at a grade of around 5%.  I pushed it a bit to keep my pace up the hill as close to my overall pace as possible.  That mile ended up being 8:08 so that was satisfying.  I finished up with a strong, controlled mile 7 of 7:45, right on pace.  My cadence is now a strong 185, right where I want it.

As I posted to to my other channels, after my run I really wanted a warm drink that wasn't coffee.  I know, I know, you didn't want coffee?!?!?  I used a Nuun tab for recovery drink and I dropped it into hot water.  It was like a nice warm cup of Mango tea, felt good.

Monday, December 11, 2017

12.11.2017 97 days and counting, 6 miler

In 97 days, I will line up in NYC for the half marathon.  It will be my first attempt at really running a 13.1 hard, trying to get as far under 1:30 as I can.  In the coming weeks, it's all about getting in the miles.  After about a month from now, give or take, I will start to add in some serious speed work to combine speed and endurance.  I firmly believe I can run close to 1:25, which is about a 6:30/mile pace for 13.1 miles.  It might hurt, but I think I can do it.

Today, a chilly 6 miler in about 48:30, comfortable run on the chilly, snowy streets of Wyckoff.  More to come on the plan and my Nuun Ambassadorship for 2018.

12.11.2017 Big news at The DFJ, great way to start a Monday #nuunlife #nuunbassador

I woke up this morning and opened my email to some great news.  I have been selected by the best hydration company on the market to spread the word on clean, effective hydration.  As a 2018 Nuunbassador, I will be sharing my story to you as always, but I will also showcase how Nuun helps me along the way.