Tuesday, November 7, 2017

11/07/17 Chilly 5 miler and marathon goal pace...

Pace bands are often used in races to stay on target.
Well, it's 45 degrees out with a little wind and my hands are frozen.  I cannot type very well.  Tonight's mission, besides some light renovations to the bathroom, is to find my running gloves and hats.  I ran a nice, easy 5 miler at a comfortable pace of around 8:15/mile.  It felt smooth and easy, which is what I wanted.  Tomorrow I will go a little longer and harder to get the week productive.

I thought a lot about pacing during my run today.  The paces I have run in different races, training runs, etc.  I thought about what my body has felt like during different paces and at what distances were involved.  The reason for so much reflection on my pacing is that I want to use the coming months to train for a spring marathon and qualify for Boston.  Because of this, I need to pick a goal pace and base all my training off this pace.  It's nothing magical and I may be making this a bit dramatic, my apologies, but I am going to reach a bit and go for a goal pace of 7:30/mile for the marathon in the spring.  If I can do that, which will be quite an effort, I will finish up my 26.2 in about 3:16:38.  That is really cooking along, but I think I can do it.  

I have run 2 half marathons with a lot of hills at a pace of around 7:12/mile and I have a lot more training intelligence this time around.  We will see if this old body can handle it.

I am going to post my training schedule soon.