Thursday, March 23, 2017

03/23/2017 Speedwork, 8X 400 meters, done

As I had prioritized, I completed my first speedwork session in a long time today.  I ran a warm up jog of about 3/4 of a mile and proceeded into a session of 8X 400 meter repeats with 400 meter jog recoveries in between.  My times in the 400's went from the 1:31-3:32 range in the beginning, down to 1:27 in repeats number 6 and 7.  I finished up my last 400 in a fastest time of the day at 1:26.

I also am happy to report that my 400 meters was on the higher side, probably closer to .26 miles than .25, the stretch of road I used and my watch are close to .25, but I err on the longer side when I run them out.

I'm not sure what I would have felt like today had I run the 8 miles yesterday, but I know that I felt good to go from my first step today.  Maybe going with 6 miles yesterday paid off, maybe not.

Since Sunday, I have run 26 miles, with only a 5 miler left tomorrow.  It will be a strong week overall, and a well deserved rest weekend before I get back into it on Monday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

02/22/2017 Today's run, priorities, and some tidbits

I know, I know, I know.  Just this morning I wrote that I had run 6 miles yesterday because I was sore and that I would do my 8 miler today.  Well, a coupe things today quickly changed my run to 6 miles.  First, it is F-ing cold.  The temps are in the low 30's, but there is a wind advisory and it is ranging from 20 mph up to almost 50 mph gusts.  Wind chill temps are 15-20 degrees.  I hate it.  Second, it is my 4th day running in a row, 21 miles total.  It would have been 23 total if I had done an 8 miler.  This isn't a huge difference and fitness wise, no big deal.  However, tomorrow I have my first speed work session scheduled in a long time.  I want to do 8-10X 400 meter repeats tomorrow and I want them to go well.  As I ran today, I decided that shaving 2 miles off today would most likely help me tomorrow rather than hurt my fitness.

It is about my priorities during my training schedule.  Right now, my priority this week is getting those 400 meter repeats in tomorrow.  I haven't done speed work in a long time and I am itching to run fast again.  Tomorrow may help me as much mentally as it will physically.  A couple weeks from now, maybe I stretch out a long run more when I am feeling good, because that week, my priority isn't a speed session.

A couple tidbits for you:

First, my current giveaway can be found here, Collagen Sport Recovery.  Stop over, sign up for nothing and win a tub of protein powder, FREE!  Oh, and please share it out as much as you can.

Second, I was talking to a friend the other day about pacing.  He has a hard time figuring out his pace.  My suggestion to him was this.  Go to a track and jog a mile.  That is your long run pace.  After doing that, you are warmed up.  Then run a mile as fast as you can sustain.  That is your fast time.  You can add about 20 seconds per mile to that pace for your 5K speed.  Next, after walking a lap, run a third mile at a pace somewhere in between the first two.  It should be both comfortable and somewhat strong.  This is a pace you can run often.  Finish up with a 4th mile slow jog.  During each of the miles you run, take stock of how you feel and what each pace feels like.  Your mind can assign the effort to the pace and you have the information moving forward.  I would do this every couple months as you get more fit and your fitness increases.

03/21/2017 Yesterday's 6 miler, sore

Coming off the race Sunday and the hard 6 miler on Monday, I was quite sore yesterday.  It wasn't anything more that regular soreness, but I didn't want to build to much more on top of that.  Overuse injuries happen all the time.  I decided to switch up from the planned 8 miles down to a slower, more comfortable 6 miles.  I ran the same route as the day before, just this time I did it in 48+ minutes, not the 46 minutes from Monday.  

It was definitely the right call to switch up.  The legs are happier now, plus I can simply run my 8 miler today, switching yesterday and today like I had to do a few times in January and February because of weather.  

I will say, yesterday's 6 miler was in the sun and low 50's, nice weather.  Today, my F-ing 8 miler will now be done in the 30's with a wind chill down in the low 20's or teens.  I need warm weather.

Featured Post: Collagen Sport Recovery by @NeoCellHealth & Giveaway

For the last month or so, I have been using a recovery powder called, Collagen Sport Recovery.  I was lucky enough to win a separate product from the fine people at NeoCell called Biotin Bursts and they reached out to me when they found out I have a website and review products in the realm of fitness and nutrition.  I have been drinking the French Vanilla flavor after my more substantial runs (prior to being sick!) and I am pleased with Collagen Sport for a couple reasons.

First off, the taste is real vanilla flavor, especially as I mix it most of the time with fat free milk.  I always tend to like shakes and powders mixed with fat free milk or almond milk considerably more that when mixed with water.  To me, with a milk product, the powder becomes a shake.  However, with water, most of the time, they seem a little thin for my liking.  The Collagen Sport mixes with the milk really well.  It is a nice consistency and tastes more true to it's flavor, and not chemically produced.

Second, as a recovery drink, I am impressed with the nutritional product information.  As you can see
in the picture to the right, the numbers are impressive.  Per serving numbers are great for protein-30g, sugar-0g, sodium-244mg, potassium-21mg, fiber-2.25g, and all the vitamins listed as well are packed pretty well for 30% of the recommended DV (vitamin C is at 167%).  I am a big believer in avoiding sugar and a lot of protein mixes slide it in for flavor strength.  It's nice to see that NeoCell did it right and kept the sugar out.

Third, the recovery powder is only as good as it's delivery.  Does it deliver on the recovery side, not just the nutrition side.  As far as I am concerned, Yes.  I am happy with how I feel after the workout and using the product.  After my longer runs, I made a point to make sure I was getting a full serving within 20 minutes of finishing my run, which is recommended.  I got into a routine of drinking as I cooled down and my body has stayed strong even through some crunched weeks of miles and running 20-30 miles in 4 or 5 days.  As a product, if you are looking to add some protein, during recovery, this is a great choice.  The timing of the protein intake is beneficial during recovery and the product boasts great nutritional elements not often found in your garden variety protein powders.

Check out the full product line of NeoCell, as well as connecting with them on twitter @NeoCellHealth or on Facebook here or on Instagram @NeoCell.  Please enter and share the giveaway below for free products from NeoCell!!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

03/20/2017 Today's 6 miler and a 3 month plan

I have three months of a plan set up now that I am healthy again.  I have laid out my workload in front of me old school, paper schedule style.  I checked off the first two events so far, yesterday's race and today's 6 mile run.  There is something about a plan put in place that makes me confident of where I can go.  I do not often lay such a long road ahead, but sometimes, that's exactly what you need to do.  You can see my expectations in the pictures.  Does that mean I am going to get every single workout in and
perfectly done?  I wish, but I will try to and modify when needed.

It isn't about the single workout, it's about the overall program.  Also, this is just my running plan, I will add other bits and pieces whenever possible.

Today, I am a little sore in the quads from yesterday's race.  I stretched it out with a 6 mile run and ran the beginning in around 24 minutes for the first three miles and ran the second half in around 22 minutes and change.  I just felt good and pushed the pace a bit at the end.  It keeps me from getting bored, but I have to be careful not to overdue my easier days.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

03/19/2017 Race Report: Fair Lawn St. Patrick's Day Run

In what was my first run in 2 1/2 weeks, I race the inaugural St. Patrick's Day race in Fair Lawn this morning.  The race was put on by the great folks at RaceFaster.  RaceFaster is a set of training professionals for runners, triathletes, youth runners, as well as having a store front and putting on a handful of races.  For a 1st year race, I was pleased.  It was affordable, featured a few sponsors the morning of, and marked the course well.  The course was the same as another race run, the Fair Lawn 1st Day 5K I have done.

I have been on the shelf for the last 2 1/2 weeks with a nasty, lingering sinus infection.  I was 3 days into a great week, 20 miles in feeling good, when I woke up broken and feeling like garbage back on March 1st.

I was supposed to run a race last weekend in Hillsdale, NJ, but I felt horrible still and it was on 15 degrees when I woke up that day.  All this week, I was slowly getting better with the medicine I was on.  Finally, I felt really back to normal on Friday.

Toeing the line this morning in a breezy, cold 30ish degree weather, I was really not sure where I would be at the end of the race.  I alway try to give whatever I have, and I did that, but before the race, I wasn't sure what that entailed.  Listening to a couple runner dudes at the start, I overheard one guy say he was going to run around 6:20ish pace.  His buddy said he just wanted to be under 21 minutes.  I was happy to hear those two because I figured if they held their end of the bargain, I would like to use them to finish up somewhere in the middle, around 20 minutes.  

As my race began, I was about 20 feet behind the dude that wanted to run 6:20's and for the first mile, I was even with the other due that wanted to go sub 21 minutes.  I didn't mid that, however, as I knew he was running a little faster than he had talked about; we hit mile one in 6:25.

After that, dude 2 wised up and dropped off a bit as I held pace.  I hit mile 2 in a solid split of 6:29, happy to keep similar pace.  I had built a little lead on slower dude, and the faster dude had built a little bit more on me moving through mile 3.  

The final 1.1 miles was a little slower, but I could not be happier.  After having no idea what I could do after being sick and off for 2 1/2 weeks, I rolled in at 20:10.  I finished the race in 7th place overall, and 1st in my age group.  

Now that I am healthy again, screw the cold, I am back training hard tomorrow.  I am healthy, injury free, and I have 3 months to train for the triathlon relay.  It's time to go for it.