Tuesday, December 26, 2017

12.26.2017 A cold 6.1 miler in my new Hoka One One Hupana, @HokaOneOne

A post Christmas run of 6.1 miles took me about 46:30 this afternoon in seriously cold, windy conditions.  A nice, hilly run, I didn't bother looking at the watch until I stopped at the end.  I just wanted to run a strong run, finishing up as quickly as I could.  

The cold and the wind were pretty brutal today, making it less than fun.  However, December is turning into one of the strongest months for e in a long time.  After today's run, I am at 95 miles for the month.  I am hoping to break the hundred mark on Thursday.  Any month that totals a hundred miles or more, especially a cold, busy month like December, is a win.

On a secondary note, I received my first pair of Hoka One One's yesterday for Christmas.  The newer model, Hupana, is the exact shoe for me.  It's light and fast, as well as cushioned just the right amount.  My first run in them today was a great start.  It felt smooth an easy, not like a shoe I had never worn.  

They felt light, cushioned, but responsive, and a fast ride.  I was trying to put my finger on something during the first mile and it took me a bit.  Then I realized it.  They didn't feel like a shoe that was new to me.  I have worn a lot of shoes over the years and most of the time, I have been happy with them, but they all felt new, like I needed to get used to them a bit.  The Hupana's however, felt like they were made for my feet.  I felt like it could have been my 20th run in them, not my first.

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