Thursday, December 21, 2017

12.21.2017 Slow, Easy Recovery Run

I'm trying to embrace the slow running when it's necessary.  I am not one to run slow, but I know with the added mileage I have run and will be running, it is important to be smart with my body.

I ran a 4 miler nice and easy this morning, at a pace of 8:42/mile.  At just under 35 minutes for a 4 mile run, it was easy.  Coming off the strong 10 miler yesterday, my legs deserved a break today. 

I am toying with a second 4 miler in a little while, also easy.  I have the time, so I may run more just to get some more miles in and get higher on the Nuunbassador Leaderboard :)

I am addicted to it.

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