Wednesday, December 20, 2017

12.20.2017 And the winner is....The Long Run and some #nuunlife

After debating over it yesterday and this morning, I decided a long run would be most beneficial to me at this point in my training.  I haven't had the chance to get in some significant distance runs in so I thought a 10 miler made perfect sense for me.  I am building on a really strong week this week and want to continue it.

The run stats themselves are as follows:

10 miles
7:43/mile pace
fastest mile 7:05
slowest mile 8:45
cadence 183

The traditional look at long runs for most runners is LSD, the long, slow distance run.  Slogging out the miles at a painfully slow pace.  The new theory, that I personally believe in, is the long, strong distance run.  I want my pace to be strong, and effort, and something that makes my run worhty of the stat line.  I will try to run 7:45/mile-ish on my long runs for the time being and then hit them at 7:30/mile-ish in a month or two.  Why not push it a little on the long mileage?  Recovery days are my slow days.

I need to go rehydrate with some Nuun now, energy, wild berry.

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