Tuesday, December 19, 2017

12.19.2017 A smarter recovery run and some 100M strides

Last week, I mentioned that I thought my recovery run was too fast and that I needed to slow it down.  Today, I consciously ran a slower 5 miler to recover from yesterday.  I ran 5 miles at a pace of about 8:36/mile.  It felt good, and controlled.  I needed to make sure the recovery felt slow.  Recovery isn't supposed to be a push.

At the end, I dialed up a little on some tired legs and turned in 5 strides of around 100 meters.  I rested 2-3 minutes in between each with some walking and rest.  It's important to do strides individually so that each is productive for form and fitness.  

Tomorrow, I am deciding between a long run and a hard effort tempo run or goal pace run.  I guess you will have to wait until tomorrow's post to see what I ended up doing.

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