Monday, December 18, 2017

12/18/2017 5+5=10 and What's with my F-ing laces?

Run #1
The plan was for a 10 miler today.  Coming off the weekend and no running, I am always ready to go on Monday.  Because I lost my nice block of time to run today, I needed to adjust to two smaller runs.  I wanted to get in 10 miles today so I broke it into 2 manageable 5 milers. 

I ran the first at a strong clip right from the first step and ended even stronger.  I ran the first run in 36:26, a nice solid pace of about 7:16/mile.  After about an hour off, I ran the second of the runs today at about an 8:26 pace, just over 42 minutes total.  I didn't want to push it at all the second time around.  I wanted to be comfortable and get my 10 miles in.
Run #2

All in all, both runs were great.  I feel like I got exactly what I
wanted today, considering I had to break my long run into two parts.  The one thing I hd an issue with though was my right shoelace.  I never have shoelace issues.  However, during the second run, I had to tie it THREE times, and left it untied at the end or it would have been 4.  What the F?!?  I have never been a doubler, but the time has come apparently.  My geriatric hands can't pull the laces tight enough anymore.  :)

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