Friday, December 15, 2017

12/15/2017 Trying to make up for horrible nutrition

I am officially declaring December to be crappy food eating month! #crappyfoodmonth

Last night, at CVS, I discovered the little item in the picture.  F.  Were they made for me?  I am having a little difficulty with self control lately.  During the day, I eat well.  Veggies, good carbs, proteins, etc.  At night, not so much.  My goal is to survive December without becoming a diabetic.  January will be the month I get it together.  No, no, no, not a resolution thing.  My wife and I like to use January as a clean month and the start of eating healthy.  This is simply because it's such a miserable month of post holiday blues, bad weather, and early darkness, why not add eating healthy to it too!

In order to combat last night's caloric explosion, I decided to do two workouts today.  Earlier, I banged out 20 minute on the painmaker, the step machine.  It hurts after a minute, so why not do 20?  Then, after an hour or so, I did an indoor run of 5 miles in just under 40 minutes.  I couldn't go out today.  I ran outside 4 times this week, and it's 21 degrees out again.  I needed to be warm, sweat, and relax. 

I look forward to a weekend of resting the body for the most part.  I am trying to put together next weeks plan.  It is going to be something like this:

Monday 10 mile long run
Tuesday 5-6 mile recovery
Wednesday 6 mile tempo run
Thursday 5-6 mile recovery
Friday 5 miler w/strides

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