Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12.13.2017 It's so cold out, 8 miles of frozen chin-itis

Jesus, it's cold out. says it's 21 degrees out, but feels like 7.  I would say that is spot on.  I was dressed correctly this morning, but the wind gets you no matter what.  I ran 8 miles and had to use Strava on my phone because I left my watch (hopefully) in Connor's wrestling bag last night.  I didn't look at the app until I got back from the run because looking at the phone during the run is annoying.  I ran an extended version of the run I did yesterday.  I didn't worry about pace at all today though, not even on my big climb.  I just wanted to feel good about the run.
How I felt running today.

It turns out that the run went really well.  I ran 8 miles in 1:01:47.  My splits for my miles were the following:


Can you guess which one I ran on the uphill for .75 mile?  Other than that mile, my splits are solid.  I like seeing them get lower and lower, now down to the lower 7:00's.  

I have 21 miles in for the week in the first 3 days.  Tomorrow, I run 4-5 as a recovery run.  Friday I will finish with 5-6 depending on how I feel.

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