Thursday, December 7, 2017

12.07.2017 Run 2 was pissed, decided to show run 1 who the boss is

Well, this afternoon, run two started off smooth.  I finished mile run in about 8:15 and felt good.  Mile 2 was full of hills and ended up 8:31 and was not happy.  It was quickly decided that the final 2 miles would be a real push to show run one that it meant business.  Confused yet?  

I ran the last 2 miles of run two in 14 minutes, with the last mile in 6:45.  I looked at the stats and my cadence for both runs was 184, love that.

Overall, instead of a long 8 miler in around 64-66 minutes, I'm totally satisfied with 62 minutes of fast running broken into two 4 milers.  I'm now at 20 for the week, working hard.

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