Thursday, December 7, 2017

12.07.2017 Run #1--Quick 4 miler, fastest mile in awhile

I just finished up run number 1 of the day.  I ran a quick 4 miler in 31 minutes, with a final mile in 6:53.  That's the first time I dipped a mile under 7 minutes during a run in awhile.  I have and will race much faster than that, but to hit it in training is feels like I'm headed somewhere positive.

I will head back out for my second 4 mile run of the day later.  I do not have the time for an extended run today, but I can get a couple 4 milers in, so I can bank 8 miles for the day.  That will bring me to 20 for the week so far, with a couple days left to get another run in.  My goal is to go well above 20 every week.  

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