Wednesday, December 6, 2017

12.06.2017 Jump rope and cross training, not running

My block of time for running shriveled up quickly this morning.  In order to be productive and still get a workout in, I used about 35-40 minutes for cross training and jumping rope.  Here's the workout from today:

5 minute warmup jumping rope

5X through sets of----    Push ups
                                    Curl ups

I only took a couple seconds between the sets of exercises above.

I then did 5 more minutes of jump rope.

3X through sets of----   Pull ups
                                   Jumping Jacks
                                   Air Squats

I finished with a final 5 minutes of jump rope.  The whole session took me about 35 minutes and was a good, non running workout.  

I have some creative plans for tomorrow and Friday to get back some of the miles I lost today.  More on that after I get into it tomorrow.

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