Tuesday, December 5, 2017

12.05.2017 Hilly 6 miler, humid and warm for December

It's a warmer December day and humid out as it's on and off rain in the forecast.  I overdressed a little on the run and was a bit warm.  I fixed it as best as I could mid run by unzipping my base layer and taking off my winter hat.  I would much rather be too warm than too cold.  

I ran a smooth 6 miler on some hills today without really caring about the pace.  I just clicked the miles off and felt good coming off of 6 miles yesterday.  

Over the next few weeks, it is time to ramp up the miles.  I want to be at 25 or higher every week for awhile.  I am at 12 in two days and want to hit mid to high twenties for the week.  

Tomorrow is the drawing for the NYC Half Marathon in March.  Here's to hoping I get in with a couple buddies I coaxed into signing up for it.  For the rest of you, frankly, I hope you don't take my spot!  :)

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