Thursday, November 30, 2017

11.30.2017 Quicker 5 miles today, and as the song says, I got issues...

The song says, "I got issues."  Julia Michaels is right, I have some.  Two to be in fact on today's run.  Luckily, both of them are easy to fix and I don't generally make these beginner mistakes.

First, I normally eat between 2 and 2.5 hours before I run.  I like to not have anything bouncing around in there.  Today though, I just forgot.  As I was eating my oatmeal with flax and Chia seeds, I realized.  Damn, I ate about 55-60 minutes before my run.  I definitely felt it in there as soon as I started.  My stomach felt heavy the whole way.  I managed to move on mentally though, as an hour is still a decent wait time, just not what I prefer.

Second, if you read the post about Strides yesterday, you know that you shouldn't do so many or do them so hard that an easy day becomes hard.  Well, I did 10 of them yesterday after not doing them for awhile.  Today, my legs were a little sore.  It wasn't too bad or too detrimental to my run, but I simply overdid it on them.

Somehow, today I ran an even stronger 5miles than I did yesterday though.  I ran smooth for the first 4 miles.  I looked at my mile split after the 4th and realized I ran a 7:27 and felt really good.  I decided to push mile 5 for fun and to see what I had left.  I ended up running a 7:07 last mile and my pace overall was 7:46/mile.  The ever important stride rate today was a strong 181.

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