Wednesday, November 22, 2017

11.22.2017 A little cramped for time, changing the run, Happy Thanksgiving!!

I was a little cramped for time this morning before work so I had to modify my run.  I had planned to go for a solid 8 miles today, in advance of eating a lot tomorrow and drinking gravy.  However, I had to settle for a decent 6 miler.  

My pace for the 6 miles was 8:06/mile.  It totaled at about 48:37 for the run.  Although it was damp from a good rain this morning, it was not raining while I ran and it was mid 40's temp-wise.  Every run I get in this fall/winter that isn't painfully cold is a win.

I hope all of you wear elastic band pant tomorrow and do some epic eating.  I plan to eat a bunch and look forward to spending a few days with the family.  Maybe I will get out for a run, we'll see.  I hope you do too. 

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