Tuesday, November 21, 2017

11.21.2017 Tuesday Motivation

One of the features I noticed in Strava the other day was that you could scroll back through past weeks and see a rolling calendar of days associated with workouts.  I don't use Strava much, but my workouts autoload there so I check it out a little.  As I was looking at my past weeks of running, I noticed a very obvious trend.  Monday's, not real motivated.  I have a sprinkling of workouts.  However, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have a strong history, and a decent finish to the week with some Thursdays and Fridays in there as well.  The weekends, if you follow along, are my rest days and whatever fitness I get with the kids, yard work, races, and such.  

Using my new found information, I want to get that scrolling workout calendar filled more, especially on Mondays.  It really is a good day for me and I think it will set the trend of the week more positively.

Today's run, I got out for a blustery 5.5 mile run at comfortable pace.  I didn't look at the watch until I finished and just went for distance.  I ended with a pace of about 8:09/mile and finished in 44:47. 

Tomorrow, longer run of 8 miles planned.  Nutrition needs to be dialed in soon as my legs and cardiorespiratory system is progressing well.  However, I am carrying around this fat ass and it's slowing me down.

Time to back away from the feedbag, particularly the peanut M&Ms.