Friday, November 17, 2017

11/17/2017 Finishing the week with a 7 miler

For the 4th run of the week, I had planned to go for a 5-6 miler today.  It's been a strong week and I have been feeling good.  I bypassed my run this afternoon as I was running short on time.  Luckily, the opportunity to run showed up while my son was at soccer practice.  

In a windy, chilly 58:31, I was able to run a comfortable 7 miles as he was on the soccer field.  In the current state of fitness I am, I feel pretty comfortable ticking off miles smoothly in the 8:20-8:25/mile range.  As my long run pace right now, I will look to decrease that, as well as increase my mileage.  

My average cadence, 179, is satisfying because today was my last day of 4 straight running.  I topped out at 25 miles for the week.  This represents my best total in a while. 

I hope to race the First Day 5K again in Fair Lawn, giving me a few weeks to bank some miles and get faster.  

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