Tuesday, November 14, 2017

11/14/2017 A 6 miler and common pacing themes

A ran a 6 miler today in some chilly conditions.  It did feel good though, as I was dressed well.  Days like today are important because it reminds me that, although it's in the 30's, I can be warm.  I dressed well and was not cold a bit.  I know you are like, "30's is not cold weather."  However, anything below 60 is cold for me so today was a win in my book.

As far as the run, I ran 6 miles and went from 8:31/mile in the first down to 7:20/mile in the 6th.  It is a reoccurring theme with my training that everything seems to end up a progression run.  I start off slow, and once I am warmed up, tick off the miles faster and smoother each mile.  

That is what I meant above with pacing themes.  Everyone falls into some sort of a training routine.  Either you do lots of hill work, or you do lots of tempos, or long runs are your thing.  Whatever it is, people gravitate to what seems to work for them.  For me, getting faster over the course of a run works.  The challenge is to bust through your training comforts and do the other stuff.  I need to add solid tempo runs of longer lengths and some strength training.  Hill work and faster stuff I like the most.  

Tomorrow, an eight miler and some strides.

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