Friday, November 3, 2017

11/03/2017 Just a fast 3 miler to get out

It was beautiful out today, early in November.  The weather was sunny and about 70 degrees.  I got out and squeezed a quick 3 miler in this afternoon and ran the 3 miles in splits of 8:31, 7:53, and 7:21.  This week coming up, I will begin to stretch out the mileage.  

As I track my stats, the things i mainly pay attention to are miles, splits, and my cadence.  As my fitness goes up, I go from low 170's in my cadence up to the low to mid 180's.  Currently, I am in the mid to high 170's consistently.  It does help to be able to tune into my fitness and realize I am progressing, even without necessarily being able to go a lot longer or faster.  As I have seen in the past, as my cadence goes up, I am getting stronger.  It helps me trust the training, especially in the early stages.  

This weekend, though I don't normally, I am going to try and squeeze in some sort of fitness, hopefully running.  Usually, I try to keep Saturday and Sunday for rest days, but I am feeling motivated and it's early in my training so I know my body can handle it.