Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10/31/2017 A haunted, spooky 3 mile run and some chilly thoughts

Not really, it wasn't spooky or haunted.  I ran a 3 miler in the sun, around the safest, most boring neighborhood in New Jersey.  However, I had to grab you into the post didn't I?

As everyone I saw was mentioning how beautiful it is outside and how nice a day it is for a run, I lamented silently.  I'm not cranky about it, but I prefer warmth as you know.  Sure, the sun is nice, but the wind is chilly.  It put a pointed thought in my head that, as I am committing to a full year of running, I need to start laying out a plan to deal with the cold.  Last year, I ran well for a couple of the winter months, and then trailed off when I got busy with the house selling stuff.  

I know I can handle the cold if I'm prepared.  Going into this cold season, I am confident based upon last season's runs in some of those days in the teens and the 20's.  The training plan is coming together and I look forward to sharing it in the coming days.  

Happy Halloween!  Eat a lot of candy and regret it so you can workout tomorrow even harder

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