Friday, October 20, 2017

10/20/2017 Fast finish, solid week

For my 4th run of the week today, I decided on a 5 miler with a big final mile. I ran somewhat of a progressive run, without paying attention, but my final mile was all out. I ran mile 5 in about 7 minutes. I know it isn't a blistering pace, but a couple weeks ago, even 7:00/mile was not doable. I'm getting there.

For the week, I finished up at 21 miles. A solid effort. A big push will come over the next few weeks as I get the nutrition in ordxer and lose a few pounds. That, coupled with some fitness should show me some decent results.

I look forward to the pain sometimes. Today's final mile was a good example of that. A lot of runners are sadistic and enjoy the pain. I have a sick believe that the more painful the workout, the more proud of it I am. Soon, i will look to some repeat session and hill work designed at just that, pain.

It can make racing feel easier that it is, sorta :)

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