Wednesday, October 18, 2017

10/18/2017 Stretched it out to 6 miles

I have been stuck on 5 milers for the last few weeks and for no real reason.  Today, it is beautiful outside.  The perfect fall day.  Sunny, 50-60 degrees and you cannot ask for anything else.  I stretched out my run to 6 miles today and held my pace to a strong 8:00/mile.  The first mile was about 8:30, but after that I was in a rhythm.  Some days it just feels good.  With racing on my mind, it is also easier to move.

I have been looking up races lately and want to have a fallback or two should I not get into the NYC half in March.  A couple friends (Fetus and Homer) invited me to a 10 miler in January on Long Island, but Saturdays in January are tough because of my son's wrestling schedule.  I have to look at a couple more that I am eyeing and see if I can squeeze one in.  Oh, I was also invited to the LA Marathon by my other firned, but it's the same day at NYC, sorry Basis!