Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10/17/2017 Another 5 miles and some hills, racing thoughts

I am starting to feel the momentum.  I ran another 5 miles today, in exactly 40 minutes, and with some hills built in.  A clear path begins with some race intentions.  Sometimes that calls for a new race or a new timeframe, or a new distance.  I hope to challenge myself in all three of those areas in 2018.  Without much left to run in 2017, I have begun to reflect on the year and it feels like a lost one for me.  The crazy schedule of family, work, and life made racing difficult and I didn;'t really force the racing issue.  

I look forward to being focused and making 2018 a better year all around; family, life, work, racing, and more!  For now, my daily momentum will have to do and I will search for some good race choices.  If anyone has any thoughts on races, please share.

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