Monday, October 16, 2017

10/16/2017 Progression run, finding a race

Its a cooler day today, and I am not a fan.  Give me 85 degrees now!  I had a few days off so my legs felt fresh for today's run.  I started off with a 5 miler in mind and after the first couple, I decided to make it a progression run of that distance.  My splits were the following:

Mile 1-8:37
Mile 2-8:13
Mile 3-7:46
Mile 4-7:30
Mile 5-7:09

That 7:09 was nice at the end.  It made me feel fast again.  I'm currently not fast, but it felt better than I have in months.  Over the last couple weeks, even though I am running, I feel like I am shuffling around.  I need a direction to go with my training.  I decided that, in addition to my normal June race in Franklin Lakes, I would add a spring race and bank on it.  I am not guaranteed entry, but I put my name in for the lottery of the NYC Half Marathon in March today.  I am excited that I have a plan and that time of year is good for me (no soccer!). 

I look forward to training through the winter and I will have plenty of time to find a couple fall back races should I not get accepted.  For today, I have a plan and will continue to run.

Here is the link to the application:

NYC Half Marathon Lottery Application

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