Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10/10/2017 I'm baaaaack

I know, I know.  You all have missed me and my ramblings.  I have been a little lost for the last couple months.  Since the triathlon relay precisely, I have been without running and am now just getting back into it.  I have been searching for weeks to figure out what has happened to my motivation and purpose.  I'm still not sure what's up, but the best I can come up with is that I am not running the NYC Marathon this year.  I have been bummed by that fact for months and probably will continue to be until the next time I am in Staten Island early one November morning for a nice jog :)

I think the real need I have is for a new race or two.  I have my sights set on a couple spring races that I am going to run by the logistical commander soon and I will update you when can.  Last week I teased that there would be big news coming from the Daily Fitness Journal.  Maura said that I made it seem like I was going to be giving out free stuff.  Actually, my big announcement is that I am going to attempt a Boston Qualifier in the spring.  Basically, this means that at my age, I will need to run a 3:20 marathon.  To elaborate a little, this means that I need to average somewhere between a 7:37-7:38/mile for 26.2 miles.  More on this later.

For those that thought I was giving shit away for free, my bad.  Stayed tuned though as I have a couple things that I can put together in a goody bag and I will do a Halloween giveaway.  For now, I am back, running, and I will be here regularly with my running and more.

Today, I ran a solid effort 5 miler in about 40:40.  I feel like I am i an ok place running-wise, however, I am fat from eating so I am dragging around about 15-20 lbs. too much.  Time to check myself a bit eating wise.

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