Tuesday, May 2, 2017

05/02/2017 Today's 5 miler, fitting it all in

Smoke and mirrors...That's how I fit in as much as I do.  Besides work, juggling the sports schedules of 3 kids, a 15 month old, trying to sell a house, trying to find a house to buy, I am running too. :)

I am a step ahead of it all!  Barely, though.  Today, I got out for a nice 5 miler in about 70 degree temps.  Yesterday evening, I ran a 4 miler around the soccer complex as my 7 year old was at tryouts for soccer for 2017-2018.  Sure, people must think I'm a dork, but you gotta get it in when you can.  I have some mileage to get in as well as some speed work.

This week, I am try to get in around 30 miles.  Next week, I am going to get a couple speed sessions in and I want to do that for the next few weeks.

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