Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Featured Post: Collagen Sport Recovery by @NeoCellHealth & Giveaway

For the last month or so, I have been using a recovery powder called, Collagen Sport Recovery.  I was lucky enough to win a separate product from the fine people at NeoCell called Biotin Bursts and they reached out to me when they found out I have a website and review products in the realm of fitness and nutrition.  I have been drinking the French Vanilla flavor after my more substantial runs (prior to being sick!) and I am pleased with Collagen Sport for a couple reasons.

First off, the taste is real vanilla flavor, especially as I mix it most of the time with fat free milk.  I always tend to like shakes and powders mixed with fat free milk or almond milk considerably more that when mixed with water.  To me, with a milk product, the powder becomes a shake.  However, with water, most of the time, they seem a little thin for my liking.  The Collagen Sport mixes with the milk really well.  It is a nice consistency and tastes more true to it's flavor, and not chemically produced.

Second, as a recovery drink, I am impressed with the nutritional product information.  As you can see
in the picture to the right, the numbers are impressive.  Per serving numbers are great for protein-30g, sugar-0g, sodium-244mg, potassium-21mg, fiber-2.25g, and all the vitamins listed as well are packed pretty well for 30% of the recommended DV (vitamin C is at 167%).  I am a big believer in avoiding sugar and a lot of protein mixes slide it in for flavor strength.  It's nice to see that NeoCell did it right and kept the sugar out.

Third, the recovery powder is only as good as it's delivery.  Does it deliver on the recovery side, not just the nutrition side.  As far as I am concerned, Yes.  I am happy with how I feel after the workout and using the product.  After my longer runs, I made a point to make sure I was getting a full serving within 20 minutes of finishing my run, which is recommended.  I got into a routine of drinking as I cooled down and my body has stayed strong even through some crunched weeks of miles and running 20-30 miles in 4 or 5 days.  As a product, if you are looking to add some protein, during recovery, this is a great choice.  The timing of the protein intake is beneficial during recovery and the product boasts great nutritional elements not often found in your garden variety protein powders.

Check out the full product line of NeoCell, as well as connecting with them on twitter @NeoCellHealth or on Facebook here or on Instagram @NeoCell.  Please enter and share the giveaway below for free products from NeoCell!!

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livinglovingrunner said...

I have read about runner's taking collagen before - I have tried it yet. My protein drinks work for now 😀

jill jackson said...

I don't use a recovery drink right now but actually had just wuestioned friends anout what they use so I can start

Ashley Meyer said...

no i do not at the moment

Ryder Hauer said...

Only water

Anonymous said...


Annette H said...

I usually have a protein shake