Wednesday, March 22, 2017

02/22/2017 Today's run, priorities, and some tidbits

I know, I know, I know.  Just this morning I wrote that I had run 6 miles yesterday because I was sore and that I would do my 8 miler today.  Well, a coupe things today quickly changed my run to 6 miles.  First, it is F-ing cold.  The temps are in the low 30's, but there is a wind advisory and it is ranging from 20 mph up to almost 50 mph gusts.  Wind chill temps are 15-20 degrees.  I hate it.  Second, it is my 4th day running in a row, 21 miles total.  It would have been 23 total if I had done an 8 miler.  This isn't a huge difference and fitness wise, no big deal.  However, tomorrow I have my first speed work session scheduled in a long time.  I want to do 8-10X 400 meter repeats tomorrow and I want them to go well.  As I ran today, I decided that shaving 2 miles off today would most likely help me tomorrow rather than hurt my fitness.

It is about my priorities during my training schedule.  Right now, my priority this week is getting those 400 meter repeats in tomorrow.  I haven't done speed work in a long time and I am itching to run fast again.  Tomorrow may help me as much mentally as it will physically.  A couple weeks from now, maybe I stretch out a long run more when I am feeling good, because that week, my priority isn't a speed session.

A couple tidbits for you:

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Second, I was talking to a friend the other day about pacing.  He has a hard time figuring out his pace.  My suggestion to him was this.  Go to a track and jog a mile.  That is your long run pace.  After doing that, you are warmed up.  Then run a mile as fast as you can sustain.  That is your fast time.  You can add about 20 seconds per mile to that pace for your 5K speed.  Next, after walking a lap, run a third mile at a pace somewhere in between the first two.  It should be both comfortable and somewhat strong.  This is a pace you can run often.  Finish up with a 4th mile slow jog.  During each of the miles you run, take stock of how you feel and what each pace feels like.  Your mind can assign the effort to the pace and you have the information moving forward.  I would do this every couple months as you get more fit and your fitness increases.

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