Tuesday, February 28, 2017

02/28/2017 Goodbye February, ran you out

At low 50's and sunny today, it was a perfect long run kinda day.  I planned and ran an 8 miler in about 1:01 and change.  I felt strong, at a clip of around 7:40/mile.  As I was assessing my run at various points, I decided that at this point, I feel strong.  I don't feel fast yet, but the strength is building.  I have mentioned it a few times in the last couple weeks, I will be moving to some speed work to utilize my strength and build speed as well.  

My stride rate continues to be on my mind as I run and today I was at an average of 183 SPM with a max of 195 SPM.  My goal is to get my average up between 186-190 SPM.

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