Monday, February 27, 2017

02/27/2017 Well rested, time to press on

I am just shy of 4 months left of training until my featured race, the triathlon relay.  Coming off a week vacation spent bouncing around NJ with the family, sadly, it was back to work today.  The bright spot, however, is that my schedule when working is more regimented and I can make sure my running happens.  

I started back up like I never took a break and banged out a 10K run in about 51 minutes.  I hovered around 8:10-8:25/mile and it felt good to be back out there.  It is time ti=o get serious, build miles, and begin to implement my speed workouts.  Over the next two weeks, I plan to get in 2 long runs of 8-10 miles, as well as 2 speed sessions of mile repeats and either a pyramid or some straight 400 meter repeats.  Throw in a bunch of runs to build mileage in there and the next 14 days should be eventful.  I also, hopefully, will race on March 12th, at a local 5K.  More details to follow.