Tuesday, February 14, 2017

02/14/2017 Happy Valentine's Day!! Frozen 7 miler with hill pickups

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful wife and kids.  There are only a couple days of the year devoted to the ones you loves, but they definitely deserve them.  My wife is the best and she puts up with a lot!  I am a pain to live with :)

Today, it is freezing outside, 30ish degrees and a bit windy.  It really feels more like 20 degrees out there.  I just kept telling myself, "When you get back, you can have coffee and peanut butter!"  I'm serious, that is exactly what I repeated the whole time.

I ran a strong 7 miler today, at a comfortable pace of around 8:15/mile, except for 4 hill pickups I did.  Each of the two figure eight loops I did has a middle hill of about 1/3 of a mile.  Each time through, I ran the hill fast.  That gave me 4 pickups going uphill, each time 1/3 of a mile.  For the run total, I ran about 55 minutes over the 7 miles.

The rest of the week should look something like this, possibly the days and runs switching if time calls for it:

Wednesday---7 miler, easy
Thursday---mile warm up and a few mile repeats, then cool down, 6-7 total
Friday---5 miler easy + a HIIT workout of at least 30 min.

Enjoy the rest of the day with your loved ones!!!!

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